Everything you need To Film

Foto dall'alto di una scrivania con fogli, moduli, calcolatrice e penna


Access to all regional and national funding and incentive schemes.
Interno di una saletta di post production

Post Production

Know-how and advanced technologies to manage your workflow.
Foto di un teatro di posa con un'auto al centro


Spaces exclusively available for indoor and outdoor shooting.
Auto Maserati con sfondo proiettato dentro un teatro di posa

Product Placement

Investments in the world of cinema by national and international brands.
Foto con professionisti sul set

Production Service

Experienced national and international Production Services.

Foto con scritta a neon blu "What is your story?"

IP Management

IP development of Series and Feature films, both original and derivative.


Mattia Puleo

Mattia Puleo

National Production and Set Administration

+39 327 1395 468

Enrico De Lotto

Enrico De Lotto

Logistic Manager

+39 340 7742 546

Edoardo Rossi

Edoardo Rossi

International Production Services

+39 333 9078 062

Fabrizio Nastasi

Fabrizio Nastasi

Post Production Supervisor

+39 349 1740 567


Each phase of the project is managed by a company with highly specialized and certified skills, in order to offer state-of-the-art services.

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